Stock Jensen Healey Brake Calipers, Remanufactured w/exchange

Stock Jensen Healey Brake Calipers, Remanufactured w/exchange

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Product Description

Stock Jensen Healey Brake Caliper Front Set, Remanufactured, with Core Exchange
Complete & better than new!

Is your Jensen Healey pulling to one side during a hard brake application? Often, a simple overhaul can't fix this problem. Our stock brake calipers are remanufactured (not just rebuilt) to the highest specification possible and will function like new.

We go to great lengths to ensure your calipers are completely restored to better than new condition. First, the caliper is completely taken apart, including the caliper halves, and cleaned with a medium that opens the pores on the castings. The caliper is then degreased with a solvent and left to air dry. After reassembly with new o-rings and sealant, a space-age Polymer coating is evenly applied to a completely sterile, pre-warmed casting, baked at a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit until cured. Once the coating is applied, the caliper not only looks fantastic, but the pores of the casting are protected from corrosion and dirt build up, something paint can’'t do. Moisture, brake fluid, brake dust, road salt- all the things that make a caliper look bad can’not get to the casting. The caliper is then reassembled to factory specifications with all brand new pistons and new rubber components. Pins and pad shims are cleaned and cadmium plated.

Why a high-tech Polymer coating and not paint? The Polymer coating is ultra thin at .005 to .0005. It does not trap heat inside the caliper or interfere with movement of any of the parts. Powder coating, other so-called “caliper paint” and chrome plating are so thick that they encapsulate the heat in the caliper creating extra heat build up, shortening the life of all internal parts. Lots of labor involved in the Polymer coating, and the material is very expensive- but the finished product is exceptional! Best of all, they work as well as they look. Don't confuse the Jensport calipers with other inferior, rebuilt calipers that get redone at production junk brake shops. Each of our sets is finished to perfection in every detail.

Perfect for the highest quality restoration or any Jensen Healey that simply requires functional brake calipers. New, stock calipers are NLA. The JHPS stock caliper exchange is the most practical way to get a beautiful and perfectly functioning, factory original brake caliper set. Jensport remanufactured, factory original, front Brake Caliper Set includes both front calipers with polymer coating, all new internal parts (pistons, seals and seal retainers, anti-squeal shims, brake pad pins and new cotter pins(does not include brake pads) for the Jensen Healey & Jensen GT, with core exchange.

Available in black or red. Allow 2-3 weeks for remanufacturing process.

Note: Sold with exchange of your old, complete, rebuildable caliper cores (you can send complete calipers with all hardware and pads in place).