Steering Shaft, Rebuilt w/core ex

Steering Shaft, Rebuilt w/core ex

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Jensen Healey Steering Shaft Rebuilt w/exchange

One of the most ignore parts on the Jensen Healey is also one of the most important; the steering shaft and top knuckle in the engine compartment that connects the steering column behind the firewall to the steering rack. In left-hand drive cars, the knuckle rests just above the intense heat of the exhaust header. Over years of use, the extreme heat will deteriorate the cheap plastic bushing inside. Bad things can happen when the knuckle collapses, like suddenly not being able to turn your car.

Our steering shaft top knuckles are rebuilt with a high quality brass bush, with new pins and washers to prevent sudden bushing failure. Includes refurbished top knuckle and shaft. Fits all years Jensen Healey and GT.

Note: When removing the steering shaft be careful with the steering column that goes into the firewall. If you bang on it or beat it, you could mess up the roller bearings behind the firewall inside and create additional problems (when these collapse they also can create a hazardous situation). If in doubt, remove and inspect the interior steering column from the car.

PLEASE NOTE: The BRASS mentioned above refers to the replacement of the INSIDE middle pin rubber were the wear occurs. The middle pin, which originally had the rubber poured around it, gets replaced with oil impregnated brass; the spacer washers on the outer part of the inner "hubs" have either been brass or more recently nylon (preferred). The end bushings for the inner steel rods have been the original steel, reamed to fit the new steel pins. The original end caps have been saved and get tack welded onto the outer hubs (they can be ground off in the future).

The JH steering shafts are unique to this car and becoming hard to come by. Our rebuild units are only shipped once your old core is received. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the only way we can continue to supply refurbished units.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is back ordered, we are unable to ship replacements at this time.