Master Cylinder & Reservoir

Master Cylinder & Reservoir

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Product Description

This brand new, quality made TRW-Lucas unit is an exact replacement bolt on unit. The reservoir differs in appearance only and otherwise fits perfectly under the bonnet. Brake hose position is the same. Installation is the same as the original master and no other parts are needed. Don't mess around with your brakes! I've cheated death on several occasions because of faulty hydraulics, it does not pay to be cheap when it comes to brake safety.

This new master cylinder unit will make your Jensen Healey brake like new and provide years of reliable service. These are newly manufactured units, direct from Lucas, not old junk sitting around for decades or bogus knock-offs from Asia.

Tech Tip: We recommend you use ONLY Castrol GT LMA DOT 4 brake fluid. The British rubber components inside these units (and most British vehicles built today) are designed to use high-quality, conventional (mineral) brake fluid or the newer Castrol synthetic equivalent. The use of DOT 5 brake fluid is NOT recommended under any circumstances and can cause hose and seal swelling and lead to brake failure. Likewise, do not use any random DOT 3, off the self rubbish, found in auto parts stores. Some of those can damage the brake system.