Genuine Lotus 107 or 104 camshaft set for Lotus 907 Engine

Genuine Lotus 107 or 104 camshaft set for Lotus 907 Engine

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Another JHPS exclusive- genuine Lotus 107 profile and JHPS 104 camshaft sets- Direct from England. The number one performance cam upgrade for the Lotus 907 engine. The 107 is an outstanding mid-range performance camshaft which came stock on the later Lotus powered Esprit. The 104 is rare, performance profile, originally used in Lotus powered ralley cars. It's one bad-ass, high RPM camshaft that's completely at home on a high compression 2 liter or 2.2 liter Lotus engine (may require stiffer springs, like the ones in the JHPS Warehouse, and steel cam followers recommened on high RPM motors). Use the 107 pair together, the 104 pair together, or The Hot Ticket- 107 exhaust + 104 intake combo for the best of both worlds in a high compression 907 2.2 for a fast street car. Good for 215HP when set up properly. The 107 + 104 combination was used on the Lotus Excel HC (High Compression) with great results until Lotus switched to computer management fuel injection.

107 cams- use on a stock 2 liter or a 2.2 liter with great results. Will pull up to 7,000 rpm, but will loose it's edge over 5,500 rpm. Good idle and around-town drivability. You can use the stock drive train, special springs are not required, but as always, check for binding.

104 cams- use on a high compresion 2 liter or a 2.2 liter for performance edge. Strong power curve to 8,000 rpm, but enough torque for lower RPMs too. Good idle and around-town drivability. Requires stiffer spings and steel cam followers with longer skirt length recommened on high RPM motors.

Buy individually ($145 each), in pairs ($290 for a set of two) or combine profiles as desired. Cams are regrinds based on virgin 107 and 104 profiles done on state-of-the-art equipment. Beware of imitations. Sold only with your undamaged cam cores as exchange.

Please Read: At this time we can only ship ship cams AFTER your old cam cores are received. Normally, we always have cams in stock, ready to go, but in order for for us to keep it that way, we must have your cams in hand before shipping to insure a steady supply.