Jensen GT Radiator Remanufactured - w/core ex

Jensen GT Radiator Remanufactured - w/core ex




Product Description

Remanufactured Jensen GT Radiator. A well functioning cooling system is essential on your Jensen GT and remanufactured core is just the ticket. 

Each of our radiators has had a brand-new, highest-quality-available, made in USA, metal, 3-row copper core brazed in. Each radiator is carefully constructed and thoughly tested before it is shipped. Copper will cool 20% more efficiently than aluminum and last much longer. Copper is more expensive, but is an excellent investment for a classic car.

The cooling system is one of the most neglected and overlooked systems on the Jensen Healey, and in turn causes the most problems due to weak, neglected antifreeze, hose and belt failures. Frequent attention to this system with coolant flushes and periodic hose and belt replacement is the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Our remanufactured GT radiators will function like new and will provide many years of service. Fits all model 1976 Jensen GTs.

Sold with your old radiator as a core exchange only.

3 year warranty against defects.

List price is over $649.