Lightened Flywheel for the 907

Lightened Flywheel for the 907

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Product Description

Precision Lightened Flywheel for the Jensen Healey and other 907 Lotus engines.

This is an original Lotus, steel, flywheel that's been lightened by an expert. All custom work done by our master machinist ensures each flywheel is safe and as light as possible. This carefully machined flywheel weighs in at about 18 pounds, 10 ounces! That is up to 5 pounds off the stock unit and you will feel it. For the money, you get an unbeatable combination of performance and driveability for a fast road car. The difference in pick up from a dead stop will surprise you. Get rid of that old, original boat anchor flywheel, this is a must for any performance engine upgrade.

Please note: Sold ONLY with your old serviceable 907 engine flywheel in exchange as a core.

Check first for availability.