Ultra  Copper Hi-Temp RTV Gasket Maker

Ultra Copper Hi-Temp RTV Gasket Maker

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Product Description

Ultra Copper Hi-Temp RTV Silicon Gasket Maker. The most advanced, high temperature RTV silicone gasket available. Low odor, non-corrosive. Superior adhesion. Three times more oil resistant than conventional silicones; eight times more flexible than cut gaskets. Temperature range -75F to 700F. Resists auto fluids and vibration.

I've found that it's a good idead to use this on Jensen Healey exhaust header to cylinder head gaskets. Vibration can cause blow-out and that means a complete removal of the header and installation of more gaskets! Forget all that- a very thin coat of Ultra Copper on both sides and you should never have that problem. Cheap insurance.