Lotus 907 Engine Exhaust Valve Set

Lotus 907 Engine Exhaust Valve Set

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Product Description

Premium, 907 Engine Exhaust (or Intake) Valve Set

JHPS Exclusive.

The cat’s pajamas! One of best single upgrades you do on the Jensen Healey or Lotus 907 engine. Not to be confused with the lesser quality, Lotus replacement valves. Our over-sized valve kits are sourced from a premium grade (EV8) stainless material and are specially heat treated using a proprietary method for extreme durability. This results in a valve that will last years and not burn prematurely as is so often the case in the 907 engine with stock valves. Good replacement for Lotus 912 engines also, but change both sides at once. Our exhaust valves also have a chrome surface plating applied to the stem. This process produces a wear resistant surface for the portion of the valve that is in contact with the valve guide. This is also something not done to the stock Jensen Healey or Lotus valves. Combined with the special viton seals (not used in stock set ups), you’ll have a very durable, performance valve set that breaths better with excellent oil control!

Valves come in a slightly longer length to accommodate lower profiled performance cams like the 104 and the 107. If using with stock cams and valve train, simply grind the stem down a small amount to compensate.

Exhaust Valve Set comes as pictured, enough to one side of your cylinder head, with eight premium oversized valves, eight bronze guides, and eight viton seals.

Choose super-premium, oversized exhaust set ($349.00) and or super-premium, intake valve set ($349.00). For all years Jensen Healey and Lotus 907 powered vehicles.