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40mm or 45mm Dellorto DHLA Master Rebuild Kit
40mm or 45mm Dellorto DHLA Master Rebuild Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 45DHLAK
Price: $33.95
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
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  40mm Rebuild Kit
  45mm Rebuild Kit
The 40mm or 45mm Dellorto DHLA Master Rebuild Kit (for all SIDE DRAFT Dellortos for this size) includes the hard to find parts (like the leaky diaphragm) you need to restore lost performance due to normal wear, fuel corrosion, and deadly varnish build up for 40mm or 45mm Dellortos on your Jensen Healey or any other DHLA side draft application. Includes all parts required for major rebuild as shown. The inlet needle seats are 150 (40mm) and 175 (45mm).

An inexpensive Dellorto rebuild every couple of years will prevent dangerous fuel leaking and fire hazards.

One kit does one carb- if you're running a JH/ Lotus application with twin carbs, BE SURE TO ORDER 2 KITS FOR YOUR PAIR OF DELLORTOS. Indicate size needed- 40mm's are the stock Jensen factory non-Federal spec, while the 45mm's would have been added on later. Other Lotus applications use 40mm or 45mm, so check if in doubt. This is typically cast into the carb body just under the top, outside, intake manifold mounting nut.