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Timing Belt - Camshaft Drive
Timing Belt - Camshaft Drive Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 93460
Price: $34.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Choose a style:
Timing belt for all years Jensen Healey and Jensen GT. Do yourself and your car a favor and change (without exception) every 18,000 miles as recommended by the manufacturer. It's cheap insurance. Original, stock (square cut 133 tooth) timing belt fits all years Jensen Healey (1972-1975) and Jensen GT(1976) as well as pre-1986 Lotus 907, 910, 911, 912 Standard engines without Federal emission air pumps.

Choose original square tooth or HTD, half-moon style belt. NOTE: the later half-moon tooth style timing belt is only for 1986 onward Lotus cars (or Jensens that have been retro-fitted with the improved half moon style pulleys).

About these timing belts:
The original square tooth belts are first quality, but the trapezodial design creates some fundemental wear issues that require frequent changing. The HTD, Half-moon style belts we sell are the improved, high temperature, long lasting premium neoprene impregnated timing belts. These are theortically 70,000 miles belts, but I'd still change them at 40,000 miles on these engines.

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