Thackery "Spring" Washers

Thackery "Spring" Washers

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Product Description

Thackery "Spring" Washer

This is the original curly washer used on many British carburetor set ups over the years including Jensen Healey and many Lotus applications. Use with Dellorto/Weber applications or Stromberg applications. Thackerys are essential for proper carb mount tension & flex and are impervious to gasoline, so do not require frequent replacement as rubber mounts do. Do not over tighten. Leave a gap of about .035" between coils for correct installation. Thackerys that have been smashed flat for years will typically need replacement.

Price is per Thackery Washer. You'll need to order 8 Thackery Washers for the twin Dellortos and 6 Thackery Washers for the Stromberg set ups on Jensen and Lotus if replacing all.