1973 Jensen Healey Restoration Project - Part 3
By Greg Fletcher

Costs For The Last Month: $0

Iíve spend my spare time (a full weeks vacation from the office) by trying to organize my garage, no small feat as everything I have for the car is stored in the garage along with two cars and a bunch of bicycles. Because I live in Southern California where property is sold by the inch and have very little property, and because I live in a community that does not encourage the squirreling-away of car parts and a collecting life style, I do need to get everything into that two-car garage. Drastic action was needed as things were getting out of control. All items were removed and I built 14 feet of cabinets along one side. This ironically gave me less storage space compared to the Pig Pile, but at least itís better organized and looks pretty nice now. The parts collection has been culled as well and Iíve sold my fenders and doors, which was destined for the old car, to the new owner, Chuck Sydorik. He flew down, rented a truck, loaded up and was off. Much junk was throw out too. That all helped free up more space for the the other bits. The new JH, being completely disassembled, really needs a lot of space for all that stuff and I still need to pick up my engine & transmission from my friend Duaneís house. The current engine being worked on is in fact the orginal engine from my first car. Whew! That was much more work than I anticipated, but all worth it in the end. Everything is ship-shape and ready for the restoration to arrive. I did get around to disassembling the front and rear bumpers and was sad to find that they both need replacement. Each is damaged/rusted enough to make it not worth fixing. If you have a Ď73 rear in good shape you can part with, please contact me. This just in as the newsletter goes to press- I called the paint shop to see if they have even started and Iím told itís all finished! ďCome and get it, itís gorgeous and it needs to get out of my shop, Iím very busy and this thing is in my wayĒ. They emailed me a photo of it being worked on (above).

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