1973 Jensen Healey Restoration Project

Part 6- Rust proofing madness
By Greg Fletcher

Costs For The Last Month: $78

Same car, different month. I’ve been busy with so many things (non-Jensen) that I can barely keep track of what’s where. Even so I’ve managed to spend a few hours here and there with some essential restoration items. This month I delve into the mystery that is Waxoyl- the supreme rust preventative substance from the United Kingdom. Hard to find and a long preparation time so read up on whether it was money was well spent in the JHPS article. I needed to pick up the engine that came with this car, which was still being stored at my pal Duane’s house. He has been patient but I could tell I’d better get over there and finally haul it away or I might be seeing it on ebay soon. This soaked up almost a full day after messing around in LA traffic, but it is good to have most everything in one spot now. I found a spot in my garage to sqeeze it into while I consider it’s fate. My other engine, taken apart and at various locations in Southern California will be the 2.2 liter conversion that I’m planning on putting in this car. My other project was sound deadening. After some introspection I decided to go with a product that also offered heat protection, since that was always a big problem when driving in hot temps for extended periods. My selection for this mighty task was Dynamat® Xtreme! It does everything but make coffee, well not everything, but does do two things and does them well- sucks up the rattle and deflects the heat. Not only that, 36 square feet only weights a scant 19 pounds, so it’s quite light too. I didn’t have time to get it all finished up this month, so a report in the next issue!


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