1973 Jensen Healey Restoration Project

Part 8- Sound Deadening, Part Deux
By Greg Fletcher

Costs For The Last Month: $0

Sound deadening is still a topic of discussion since additional purchases, mentioned last month, are still being worked on. My additional Dynamat® Xtreme door kit was more than enough for the areas, inside and out, and a bit extra for some other stuff up front. All the sound insulation is now completed. I’ve also added the so-called Extreme Liner kit and I must say that this was a bit of a disappointment. The material itself seems fine, some triple layered stuff to really beat back the heat, but they barely give you anything in the box. It was only a few square feet and this barely covers half of the front floor panels. Extreme cost with perceived little value have me giving the thumbs down on the Extreme Liner stuff, I say save your money for more important things. Water immersion- a few people have asked me about Dynamat and the possible effects of water with that and water getting under it. No need to worry, as the Dynamat Extreme backing is a super-sticky goo that attaches to just about anything. Great stuff and I think one of the more important things that makes it worth the extra cost. When pushed down as it should be, there should be no way of water working it’s way under the insulation. To be safe though, I’d seal the metal surface before hand to be extra sure this will not lead to rust in the future.


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