1973 Jensen Healey Restoration Project

Part 12- Engine Compartment , more bits bought
By Greg Fletcher

Costs For The Last Month: $118

I’ve finally made my way into the engine compartment. At the moment I’m cleaning up the metal brake lines. I’m currently polishing all the lines and will soon be sealing them with a clear coat. The brake booster is on the bench getting cleaned up for a new paint job and the new replacement master cylinder is at hand waiting for installation. I needed a few miscellaneous parts for much later and decided to get them now while I was thinking about it- some Dellorto carb linkage, an manifold vacuum pipe, stock European airbox hoses (I’ll be using the stock Euro airbox and air filter housing), fuel pipe, crash roll finishers (mine were horribly scratched up) and a spiffy, stock, Dellorto choke rod, which is really just £14 worth of coat hanger wire (not even needed in reality, but I want it there just the same). This was all found in reasonable, used condition in the UK. I’m also still sorting through more hardware minutia. Strangely, I don’t seem to be able to find any of the bonnet mounting bolts and this is driving me crazy.


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