1973 Jensen Healey Restoration - Part 19

1973 Jensen Healey Restoration - Part 19

Part 19- Return of the Engine Bits
By Greg Fletcher

Costs For The Last Month: $621

My engine parts have returned from Idiot's Delight Engine & Machine Works in Fountain Valley, California. I know I should be happy, but I what I thought would be about $200 mushroomed into $621, typical. Luckily, it was the week before Christmas, so thank God, it’s not like I needed money for anything else. Here’s the breakdown on what all that was. Hmmm, guess I needed some cylinder head work after all -

Balancing all moving parts $110.00
Polish crank journals $35.00
Weld flywheel ring to flywheel $25.00
De grease all parts $75.00
R&R pistons & rods $40.00
Valve job $200.00
Valve guides $48.00
Install new guides $48.00
Resurface head $40.00

And this is great- that front pulley that I told you I couldn’t remove? Well, the owner Rick, told me he pulled it off with his hand. It’s just a press fit you know? He did say there was some mucky goo under it- so maybe that caused some of my problems, yeah, that’s it. The machine shop also put some threads into that stupid pulley and they milled my flywheel inside, the surface was uneven and that explains what was hitting the rear main seal, those British cars! They also threw my rod bearings away at no additional charge “Oh, you wanted those? They didn’t look all that great. Silly me- why would I want $280 worth of old rod bearings when I could just go out and buy new ones?