3-Row Jensen Healey Radiator, New

3-Row Jensen Healey Radiator, New

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Product Description

Jensen Healey Radiator, New! A well functioning cooling system is essential on your Jensen Healey and a proper 3-row core is just the ticket. It is a myth that Jensen Healeys run hot. They only run hot because they are not maintained or do not have a correct core for the climate (the stock 2-row core is a long standing joke).

High quality, increased capacity, aluminum, 3-row copper radiator. Each radiator is carefully constructed and thoughly tested before it is shipped. The 3-row core is ideal for any weather, any traffic conditions, and will keep your JH cool in the hottest regions of the world (I was in Death Valley in 118F temps once and my JH ran fine with the temp gauage in the middle of the dial). 

The cooling system is one of the most neglected and overlooked systems on the Jensen Healey, and in turn causes the most problems due to weak, neglected antifreeze, hose and belt failures. Frequent attention to this system with coolant flushes and periodic hose and belt replacement is the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

This radiator will function much better than new and will provide many years of service. Fits all model 1972-1975 Mark I and Mark II Jensen Healeys before air pump/catalytic converter exhaust models.