Remanufactured English Delco Alternator

Remanufactured English Delco Alternator

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Product Description

Premium Remanufactured English Delco Alternator original in early Jensen Healeys with core exchange

Our English Delco alternators are the highest quality remanufactured alternators available anywhere. Don't be fooled by an inexpensive rebuild or lower quality "new" units. A cheap rebuild is always a bad investment. Our remanufactured English Delco alternators cost more because they they get all new (not recycled) rectifiers, diodes, voltage regulators, windings, stators, brushes, bearings and even get the bottom mounting ear rethreaded per the original specification. Guaranteed for one full year with unlimited mileage.

The only thing wrong with original English Delco alternators is the poor quality rebuilding done to them. You get what you pay for and with our alternators you get the best.

If you're looking for a cheapo, off-shore replacement, cranked out of a sweat-shop, you're in the wrong place. Our alternators are custom remanufactured for us in the USA by experienced craftsman one at a time. Units are thoroughly tested in high rpm conditions before shipping. Each alternator is shipped with final test results. This unit now has a maximum output of 44 amps.

Price above is for the original English Delco alternator found in many 1972-1973 Jensen Healeys. Supplied with pulley as long as you supply that with your core.

All alternators sold only with core exchange. PLEASE READ: I always have alternators on the self, ready to roll, but you must send me your core first so I can be sure it's original. I cannot exchange my original units with a non-original core.