Jensen Healey Owners Manual - NEW

Jensen Healey Owners Manual - NEW

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Product Description

Original, not a reprint, impossible to find, OEM USA DEALER Jensen Healey Owners Handbook that was given to new owners in 1974/1975 by the dealer. Item is new, unused, in very good condition, it looks like it was never opened. There is some discoloration on the front cover. 39 pages of information on the driving, care, and periodic maintenance. Sections include; introduction, controls, driving from new, locks & keys, safety, soft top and hard top, wheels and tires, trailer towing, electrical system, bulb chart, approved lubricants, free service, maintenance schedule, and general data. Black printing inside with two colors on the front cover, size is about 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Published December 1974. Publication part No. 93009, All markets edition, English language,

Sale also includes the extra Owners Handbook Supplement for the Jensen Healey which covers; general data, controls, instruments and indicators, driving from new and locks & keys in 6 pages (published Oct. 1974).

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