Bearings - Timing Belt Adjuster (set of 2)

Bearings - Timing Belt Adjuster (set of 2)

Code: 93464



Product Description

Timing belt adjuster bearing. Price above is for (1) one pair shown (two bearings), enough to do one car. These are high quality SKF bearings to insure long life. For all years Jensen Healey. Note: some very late JH-5 models with cataytic converter and Jensen GT use an odd, integral, one piece bearing and this part number will not fit those cars, see below.

Recommended replacement every other timing belt change or 36,000 miles.

Part number 93464 is the normal Jensen Healey bearing set for one car. 

Note that the late JH5 and Jensen GT mostly with catalytic converter use the the integral bearing part no. 94691A.