Shim - Cam Follower

Shim - Cam Follower

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Product Description

Lotus cam follower (shim)

$4.75 for most sizes, $5.75 for sizes over 0.100. Price is calculated by the shims you order (ignore that zero cost listed for the item above- you'll see the right price in your basket after selection).

Available in .001 increments from 0.060 to 0.110 inch

Warning: never grind your cam followers for the Lotus engine. They are surface hardened to prevent fracture. A fractured shim will do bad things to your engine.

Greg's tips for ordering shims: It's really very easy. Let's say you need 12 different sizes (but only one each). Just check off the boxes, leave the quantity at 1 and click on the "add to cart" button. If you need 3 of one size, just go back to the shim page, check that size you need and make the quantity 3, then click "add to cart". Just toggle back and forth for adding multiple numbers of each size. You can add or remove items from the basket at any time too.