Remanufactured Jensen Healey, Lotus 907 Water Pump

Remanufactured Jensen Healey, Lotus 907 Water Pump

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Product Description

Premium Remanufactured Jensen Healey Water Pump for the Lotus 907 engine.

These are not rebuild, they are remanufactured. We've improved the units with a superior quality bearing assembly using ceramic seals to insure long life and dependability. The quality of these units exceeds new Lotus pumps specs - compare at over $400! 

Tech Tip: Protect your Lotus engine and your water pump- always add Water Wetter to your new 50% water (distilled) and 50% high quality coolant mixture. Water Wetter is an excellent water pump lubricant.

Please clean you core before shipping. If I need to clean or degrease a really nasty one, you'll be charged an additional $20.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: You MUST send in your old water pump core to be remanufactured. At this time we can only rebuild the water pump you send to us. Damaged pumps that require additional time and parts will add to the cost. Turn around is running about 2-3 weeks. Please only send in COMPLETE pumps, we are not rebuilding water pump cores send in pieces. This is the only way we can keep this part available.