High Tech, Fail-Safe Engine Thermostat

High Tech, Fail-Safe Engine Thermostat

Code: 93668-FS



Product Description

High Tech, Fail Safe thermostat for all years Jensen Healey and all Lotus 907 engines. Probably the best advancement in thermostats in 80 years. When and if this unit ever fails, it fails in the OPEN position ensuring that your valuable Lotus engine can be spared from extreme overheating situations and warping.

It has long been recognized in the automotive industry that a significant cause of engine failure is overheating. One cause of engine overheating is the failure of the thermostat to open to permit coolant fluid to flow to the radiator. This failure of the thermostat to open is most often caused by the loss of the expansive material in the power element or thermally responsive actuator, which can occur for any number of reasons. When the actuator fails, the movable valve member is not moved away from the valve seat when the engine coolant temperature rises above the predetermined temperature. It is understood, however, that the thermostat may fail for other reasons. When the thermostat does not actuate, the pressure of the coolant fluid and the force of the thermostat operating spring cause the valve to remain in a closed position. A typical thermostat therefore fails in a closed valve or engine overheat mode. The patented Fail-Safe thermostat fails in the open position and can avoid catastrophic engine overheating.

Fail-Safe Brand thermostats offer OEM specification and design replacements, stainless steel construction and are 100% calibrated to guarantee performance and quality. 180 degree.

NOTE- never run your Jensen Healey or Lotus without a thermostat. It does not make the engine run cooler and it can actually damage it.