Lucas Ignition Distributor - Remanufactured

Lucas Ignition Distributor - Remanufactured

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Product Description

Premium Remanufactured Lucas Jensen Healey Ignition Distributor (Lotus 907 application) w/Exchange

The Lucas distributor in your Jensen Healey will wear considerably, evident even on low mileage cars. A distributor in excellent condition is a must on any vintage car, even more so if you've done performance work to the engine. Our remanufactured Lucas distributors for the Jensen Healey are rebushed with custom turned, Oil Lite bushings for improved performance and wear characteristics. The vacuum unit is removed on Federal models (I haven't seen one that has worked in years, these can go bad just siting around). Each shaft is precisely aligned, all components are bead blasted, cleaned, and lubricated. The hold down straps and casing are clear coated. 

We pre-install new points, condenser, rotor, terminal lead, distributor cap and new oil control o-rings. All components are adjusted, recalibrated and ready for installation (or choose the Pertronix version, less points). The finished unit is bench tested throughly and the performance curve is recorded. Your distributor will function better than new by greatly reducing higher rpm timing bounce, increasing performance, improve idle and off idle response & drivabilty. It can transform your driving experience!

New JH units have been NLA for years, and our units are better than original as they are remanufactured to higher tolerances. Your core must be from a Jensen Healey or similair 907 Lotus vehicle as these units have different advance weights from other British vehicles. 

Please note: Your old JH distributor is required before shipping.