Genuine Lotus 107 or 104 camshaft for Lotus 907 Engine

Genuine Lotus 107 or 104 camshaft for Lotus 907 Engine

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Another JHPS exclusive- genuine Lotus 107 profile and JHPS 104 camshaft sets- Direct from England. The number one performance cam upgrade for the Lotus 907 engine. The 107 is an outstanding mid-range performance camshaft which came stock on the later Lotus powered Esprit. The 104 is rare, performance profile, originally used in Lotus powered ralley cars. It's one bad-ass, high RPM camshaft that's completely at home on a high compression 2 liter or 2.2 liter Lotus engine (stiffer springs and steel cam followers recommened on high RPM motors). Use the 107 pair together, the 104 pair together, or The Hot Ticket- 107 exhaust + 104 intake combo for the best of both worlds in a high compression 907 2.2 for a fast street car. Good for 215HP when set up properly. The 107 + 104 combination was used on the Lotus Excel HC (High Compression) with great results until Lotus switched to computer management fuel injection. A pair of 107 camshafts makes a great upgrade on a stock motor with the addition of Dellorto carbs and 104 MOP cam pulleys.

107 cams- use on a stock 2 liter or a 2.2 liter with great results. Will pull up to 7,000 rpm, but will loose it's edge over 5,500 rpm. Good idle and around-town drivability. You can use the stock drive train, special springs are not required, but as always, check for binding.

104 cams- use on a high compresion 2 liter or a 2.2 liter for performance edge. Strong power curve to 8,000 rpm, but enough torque for lower RPMs too. Good idle and around-town drivability. Requires stiffer spings and steel cam followers with longer skirt length recommened on high RPM motors.

Buy individually ($189.00 each), in pairs ($378 for a set of two) or combine profiles as desired. Cams are regrinds based on virgin 107 and 104 profiles done on state-of-the-art equipment. Beware of imitations. 

Please Read: At this time we can only regrind your old cam cores that you send in. 

Note: as with all camshaft upgrades on the 907 motor, you should change the camshaft pulleys to 104 Maximum Opening Point by using a Green Dot style pulley set or a vernier style adjustable pulley set to obtain a 104 MOP.