HTD 907 Engine Green Dot Pulley Set

HTD 907 Engine Green Dot Pulley Set

Code: 94307KIT



Product Description

907 Engine, Green Dot Pulley Set with HTD Half Moon Timing Belt. 

Complete custom made kit lets you convert from the fragile, square tooth timing belt the Jensen Healey came with to the improved, Lotus, half moon timing belt and matching pulleys with a Green Dot (104 Maximum Opening Point), essential for perfrmance timing with 107/104 camshafts and anything over the original, detuned, emmission cams.

Comes with 2 static, anodised, camshaft pulleys, static anodised, oil pump pulley, anodised, crank pulley and and HTD (high torque drive) half moon timing belt.

Fits all Jensen Healey, Jensen GT and all other early Lotus 907 vehicles.