Exhaust System - High Performance

Exhaust System - High Performance

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Product Description

Jensen Healey High Performance Exhaust System

Sporty and louder that the original, this very popular steel tuned exhaust offers less restriction and more power. Eliminates the goofy, giant muffler in the center of the car that always dragged on speed bumps, with a sleek resonator. You get a three piece system as shown from the exhaust header (purchase separately) to the rear muffler (includes rear muffler). Great quality and very spiffy looking exhaust tips. Requires sleeve to header and some welding for installation or can be assembled with exhaust clamps (not included).

For all years Jensen Healey and Jensen GT (will fit later catayltic cars, but this system does not include a cataylic converter).

Please note: if you live outside the U.S., contact us before ordering to get an accurate shipping cost. This item is oversized and cannot be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. Oversized items must go UPS Expedited and it can be pricey (about $380 to the UK).