Hylomar Universal Blue

Hylomar Universal Blue

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Product Description

Hylomar 75ml Tube

Although extremely hard to find in the US, (Permatex has offically discontinued their licensing of Hylomar), HYLOMAR Universal blue is still the leading non-setting gasket and sealing compound in use world-wide. The product is used by many of the worlds major automotive manufacturers including Lotus, Formula 1 teams, and a huge variety of industrial applications as well. Originally developed by Rolls Royce for aerospace use.

Hylomar is a unique sealant in many respects, it is non-hardening and non-setting polyester urethane based sealant. Assembly time is unlimited. It is vibration resistant. Allows metal to metal contact. Completely resistant to combustion products, water, engine coolant, petroleum, lubricating oils, kerosene and fluorocarbon refrigerants. Seals surface imperfections. Withstands rapid variations in temperature and Hylomar has excellent flame, dust and moisture proofing properties. Recommended as a cylinder liner seat sealant in aluminum engines, but makes a superior general gasket dressing as well.

Temperature range is -60 deg. F to 480 deg. F.

Comes in a large 75 ml tube (2.5 oz.) that will last ages.