Plastigauge Precision Clearance Gauges - Retail Pack

Plastigauge Precision Clearance Gauges - Retail Pack

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Product Description

Plastigauge Retail Pack- the world standard in bearing clearance measurement. The original and still the best. British made. You (or your mechanic) will need this during the rebuilding process. Accept no substitute, genuine Plastigauge is recommended by Lotus, Jensen Motors and most all manufacturers for checking clearances. Perfect for bearing clearance measurement, works great for checking cylinder head to valve clearance when clearance is in question after a head resurfacing and for checking any hidden surface.

Whenever your crankshaft and connecting rods are removed in your Lotus 907 engine, it's essential that you check clearances with new or old bearings when reinstalling. Don't assume it will fit! Lotus runs a very tight static clearance of .00125 - 0.0025 for the main bearings and any deviation from this can result in low oil pressure and a ruined motor (I've heard that sorry story many times in the past).

Plastigauge PL-A measures 0.001 - 0.007 and comes with 10 rods, gauge chart and instructions. Enough for one engine.

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