Loctite 515 Gasket Eliminator

Loctite 515 Gasket Eliminator

Code: L515



Product Description

Loctite 515 anaerobic compound, specifically formulated for sealing flat flanges on machined surfaces. This product has high surface adhesion properties, which will assist in holding a seal in the housing or mating two surfaces together. High viscosity prevents migration of the product from the sealing surfaces during assembly and cure.

Preferred in many industrial applications and aerospace. My favorite for resealing cam towers on 900 series engines (Lotus recommended & hard to find). This purple anaerobic gasket maker has an effective near-zero sealing clearance allowing for valve shimming to the same specs as a dry fitting. Takes the headache (almost) out of valve adjustment (no need to figure in gasket thickness). Heafty 50ml size is good for 3-4 changes. Cleans up with laquer thinner. No curing time needed, install and drive away! The best, accept no sustitute.

Also excellent for joining the main bearing ladder to block and other engine/mechanical joints or surfaces requiring no gap.

Warning: don't use the original cam tower gaskets that may come with your Lotus gasket set! These will only lead to a oil leak condition later. Lotus has several service bulletins that recommend that they not be used and that anerobic sealer be used in it's place.