Many trials and tribulations to laugh about (it's ok if laugh at me and not with me, I understand) and many more to come since I still have a ways to go. Here's my Jensen Healey restoration journey so far. Each installment represents one month in normal, human time. I'm way behind on my installments, I'll try to work on that soon.

Greg Fletcher's Jensen Healey Restoration Progress Page

Part 1 - What have I done?

Part 2 - Finding a painter isn't so easy

Part 3 - Paying the painter isn't so easy

Part 4 - Who cares about the car? The air cleaner is ready!

Part 5 - Back from the paint shop and ready to reassemble

Part 6 - Where do I begin?

Part 7 - Sound Deadening begins

Part 8 - Sound Deadening, Part Deux

Part 9 - Interior carpet Purchase

Part 10 - Carpet Install, more parts

Part 11 - Headlight & Wingnut Stuff

Part 12 - Engine Compartment, more bits bought

Part 13 - Brake System, Tail Lights

Part 14 - The Forgotten Engine

Part 15 - Powder Coating


Part 16 - What Happened to Part 16?

Part 17 - Lotus Engine Dismantled

Part 18 - Lotus Engine Inspection

Part 19 - Return of the Engine Bits

Part 20 - Engine Compartment, More Bits Bought





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